Thursday, April 9, 2009

Florida here I come.

Well, it's Spring by the calendar, but Mother Nature keeps spitting on that. It's been quite cold and rainy for the past 2 weeks. Not that Maryland doesn't need the rain, but there was a winter weather advisory for Western Maryland 2 days ago. That's just wrong.

Happily, though, I brought my bike in for a check up on Tuesday, so it hasn't been painful not to be able to ride. I should be able to pick up the bike today aaaannnnd then I'll ride it in the cold like I have been anyway.

Saturday I've got a practice run with the guy running the Saddle Sore to Florida on May 8th. Of course, it's supposed to be a high in the low 50's with rain. And, well, why not go to West Viginia where it'll probably be a little colder? Oh, right! and then drive home after dark. That sounds like a plan. I'll have all day Sunday to thaw and the folks are cooking dinner, so I should be ready to work by Monday. If I can't swing that then I shouldn't be trying a Saddle Sore.

So, this guy certifiable. It looks like a really good match. :) We've been emailing/talking, but Saturday is our first meeting and ride. He couldn't be more exuberant if he was on drugs. He goes by 'Hoagy the Harley Riding Hobo' and he often rides to raise money for kids.

Saturday he's coming from WVA to meet me just to ride, though I'm sure he's checking to see that I won't be his albatross heading to Florida. I think I'll check out and as long as they don't feel like they have to stick with me, the run to Florida is gonna be awesome. Hoagy says you'll either get hooked or never try another one again. We shall see. :)

Tonight, Denise (Lefty) will be heading to York to pick up her brand new Motto Guzzi, already dubbed Fuzzy. Jen, she of the Boulevard S40 who doesn't have a license yet, and Vicky, she who got her HD 883 yesterday will be following Denise to York. (Jen won't be riding.) I'm hoping the bike will be ready in time for me to join them. So, the whole gang has bikes and we're ready to go...somewhere. OK, well all except AM who just bought a new house, so we'll see about her later. She may fly down to Florida to join me for the ride back up the coast, though...

Now to call the shop and see when I can get the bike!