Saturday, January 3, 2009

Waiting for the Groundhog

Well, it's winter in Maryland.  There have been two days in the 60's in December, so I have taken out the Ubersprocket for short jaunts, but it's always warm enough to surf  for motorcycle stuff.  Interestingly, my newest acquisition wasn't found on any of my surfing expeditions, but on a friend's.  Jon was surfing for plane stuff and accidentally hit the motorcycle tab, as I remember the story, so he thought he'd see what was out there.  Jon and I have been looking at bikes before and he knew I particularly enjoyed sitting on the Suzuki Boulevard C-series.  The C109 is bigger than I was interested in, but the 50 and the 90 are both very nice bikes.

The C50 is the same size as the Kawasaki Vulcan I have now.  The C90 is about the size of Jon's Mean Streak 1500, which he has always been kind enough to let me borrow (even after dropping it :/ )  So, I had my eye on one of those two.  Jon found a beautiful 2007 white and silver C50 not too far from where he lives in Florida.  Blah, blah, blah, Jon rocks and now I have a gorgeous bike sitting in his hangar in Florida.  

Luckily, with it being too cold for me to ride anyway, it's not too painful to have it out of reach. :)  But it does have a power outlet on it, so that opens up a whole new area to shop for!...

I'm off to look into heated apparel!


Robin said...

Here's hoping for some more warm weather this winter so you can get in some bike time. Sounds as though you had a very merry Christmas.

BloomingPink said...

Look at you! New if it would ONLY get WARM!