Sunday, August 9, 2009

Epic Adventure or Epic Disaster?

Well, things have not been going particularly smoothly this week in the continuing preparations for the cross country trip. The saddlebags arrived, though I mistook the box for the helmet I'd also ordered. Yes, both hard bags were in that box. Yes, they were that small.

The helmet *did* arrive and it's too small.

I caved and replaced the camera that got crushed on Rt. 83, got home to find it uses a specific battery that, while rechargeable, would have to be plugged into an outlet rather than just get a new set of rechargeable AA's, which is what I'd asked for. The search begins again.

I had my bike in the shop for a top to bottom and that took a day longer than expected, so the Lindby Bars that I got last week are still in the box. The cats don't mind, though. They've been enjoying the extra seating. The shop overfilled the oil and checking the oil glass is moot for a while.

On a practice run to West Virginia (conveniently located at a casino) I left my gps tracker on a ledge in the parking garage (inconveniently located in West Virginia). I realized it far enough away that I couldn't go back for it, but soon enough that security was able to find it for me. It's in the mail and will hopefully arrive before I leave.

I'm waiting for the next pair of bags to arrive on Wed (so they say). Wed is the last day that I have any hours for that kind of work and I doubt that they'll arrive early in the day, though I'll keep my fingers crossed. Mom was so kind as to call the bag company when I was ready to come up with Plan B: 'screw it'. I would have just sent them back and invested in some more bungees. The bags coming are significantly larger than these and I still don't know if they'll fit on the bike. Mwah ha ha! We can't have everything go right, now, can we?

So, I continue to plan and try to come up with all the what if's ('All'? Did I say 'all'? LMAO) that might come up. I'm trying to commit to healthy eating on the road and a decent bed time. While I'm hoping all will go well, I've allotted myself a limited number of stress-induced crying jags and unrestrained profanity as needed. Hopefully, all the not-going-as-planned stuff is getting taken care of now and will make for a fantastic trip. But, hey, I figure if I keep having to deal with all this nonsense for the next 5 days, the panic-inducing realitites of what I've taken on can be ignored indefinitely.

Well, at least, it will be an epic tale. :)

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