Friday, August 12, 2011

If I ever get out the door... the BitE Rally.

Hi, All,

If you're getting this mail, then, for some reason, I think you might be interested in following my next trip.  If I'm wrong about that, just respond and I take you off the next trip list. :)  Please send to anyone else you think might be interested, I know I obscured the recipient list, so you'll have to guess. :)

Ok, so this time 'round I'm doing my 1st multiday rally.  Ok, so the real 1st rally was, like, 36 hours, but I'm not counting that even though it's technically longer than a day.  This one is 5 days and anything East of the Mississippi is fair game.
Now, i'm competitive, personally, but realistically, i haven't got a chance in hades with the group in riding with. :)  Some of them have spent more for equipment for their bikes, than I spent on my house.  There is a 'hopeless' class on some rallies, but that's for 45 year old Nortons or 125cc scooters, etc.  Folks may laugh at them, but it comes with a certain amount of respect for the cajones required to make a serious attempt on something like that.  My bike is a 2010 cruiser with bags.  I'll have a gps and my spot tracker.  I might get laughed at...sans respect.  No, not really, but you know how we humans are...  sometimes, I know not very often, but just sometimes, we're judgemental.  Every once in a while we see something that doesn't fit our expectations and the voice in your head goes, "pfft, yeah, right."  sometimes you might even say it out loud.  That's about where I think I am. :)

So, while I'll still put several thousand miles on the bike and do my damnedest not to be bottom 5 (again), there's a certain freedom to riding with no expectation of winning.  And that's about where I think I am, too.

So, I'll be leaving today, hopefully, to head to Georgia for the start. 
The spot link is

the blog link is
I still haven't caught up from the last trip, so i have no idea if I'll post anything till i'm back, but there you go.

ok, so it's 230 and i haven't left yet, so I probably missed some folks...forward away! 

My first posts will probably be 'what I forgot to pack'. :)

Thank you for your support!!  :D joanne

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